Subaru offers drivers in Bethlehem, PA, a variety of great SUV options. The right one for you depends on many things. One major factor is the size of the vehicle and how much space it has for both people and passengers. The team here at Faulkner Subaru would like to take a look at how the popular Outback looks in comparison to other Subaru SUVs.

The Crosstrek is the smallest member of the Subaru SUV family. This does not make it feel cramped in any way, however. This vehicle has 100.9 cubic feet of passenger volume. Behind the back row of seating, you will find 20.8 cubic feet for your various belongings.

Next up is the Forester. It is larger than the Crosstrek but still smaller than the Outback. As far as the numbers go, the Forester is going to offer you 107.8 cubic feet for passengers and 35.4 cubic feet for storage in the back.

The Forester is considered a compact crossover. Moving up to the Outback, however, puts you in the midsize class. This is partly due to the fact that the Outback is nearly eight inches longer and two inches wider than the Forester. That said, the Forester actually wins out in a comparison of cargo space, but just barely. The Outback has a bit more passenger volume, measuring in at 108.1 cubic feet.

Thinking you may need something larger for your life in Bethlehem, PA? The Subaru Ascent is the option for you. This vehicle can seat up to eight people and has a passenger volume of 153.5 cubic feet. That said, the Outback does have almost a cubic foot more rear legroom, which is something to keep in mind.

Comparing cargo capacity, the maximum capacity of the Ascent is 86.5 cubic feet. The max capacity for the Outback, on the other hand, is a still-impressive 75.7 cubic feet. To help give you the extra room, the Ascent is seven inches longer and over five inches taller than the Outback.

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