Learn More About the Subaru Military Program

Subaru is proud to offer several different programs and incentives to drivers within specific demographics. As a thank you to their service to our country, the brand has developed the very special Subaru Military Discount Program that's available at Subaru dealerships nationwide. Let's learn more about what this program entails, and how to know if you're eligible to take part.

What is it?

The Subaru Military Discount Program allows you to earn a discount on a new or pre-owned Subaru model that you can secure during the negotiation process. After you get your final price, you'll receive $500 extra as an added bonus. This program is available in combination with regional cash incentives or dealership-specific specials going on at the time of purchase.

Who is eligible?

This discount is available to active-duty and reserve members of the U.S. Army, Air Force, National Guard, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy. It's also available to veterans and retirees who have left the service within the past 12 months.

Why does this program exist?

Subaru is a brand founded on love. This is just one simple way that Subaru can pass along their heartfelt gratitude to the service people of our country. This same attitude is visible throughout all of the Subaru programs available, which you can learn more about through our finance center.

Visit the Finance Center at Your Local Faulkner Subaru

Want to learn more about the Subaru Military Discount Program and if it will apply to you during the purchase of your next vehicle? Pay a visit to the fantastic team of finance experts at your local Faulkner Subaru. They will be more than happy to help you out during the process of financing your new or pre-owned Subaru and work with you see how programs like this one will apply to your process.

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